AWD Journal Reflection

Week of July 9

Ekaterina and I filmed the opening intro to our web series “Attention Whore Diaries”. I wrote and recorded the rap over an original beat. Ekaterina found a flier advertising free original background music for web series. We are so lucky to have the help and original music. My vision was  to record the rap all over colourful Melbourne in front of the famous graffiti. Our plan was to film on a tripod to get steady shots. It was harder than we

My vision was  to record the rap all over colourful Melbourne in front of the famous graffiti. Our plan was to film on a tripod to get steady shots. It was harder than we thought,  because setting up each shot on the tripod perfectly took a lot of time.  Since we were filming mainly in the alley ways of Melbourne  we had to be quick as there were a lot of passer Byers. We actually ended up not using the tripod  because of the time issue. It took a couple of hours to film just a 20 second clip which will prepare us for time management when it comes to filming a whole episode.

Post production was the most difficult. I had to sync my lips to the rap. It was very hard and impossible to sync the whole song perfectly so I only used a few lines rapping. It made me appreciate editors for music videos as it requires alot of work and patience. I want to reflect on Ekaterina and my work differences. Ekaterina is a perfectionist and I am the absolute opposite. However, we work well together and it’s a symbiotic relationship and my creativity and her organisation will hopefully make this project the best it can be.


I edited the intro and sent it to Ekaterina and Isabel they suggested some changes which I applied and were both happy with the end result. We also shared it with friends and got some great feed back. We decided the title in the opening will be  clips of a handwriting “Attention Whore Diaries” in calligraphy style which Isabel knows how to do.

filming AWDKait AW

Photos of filming.

Week 1 July 18

Our first  week back we are finalising plans to get this project going. Isabel is back so we are delegating roles. The one thing that concerns me is both Ekaterina and Isabel are working on a second project and I don’t want them to be overloaded with work. I also showed them a very rough edit of what I filmed while in Italy and we all agree it was too random and there wasn’t really a storyline. I only used my Nikon D 3300 which has a built in microphone which I thought would be good enough but it turns out it wasn’t. Hopefully, this is something that can be fixed in post but we came up with an alternative. We decided the only was to make this episode work is narrating the story with my voice. This will not only fix the sound problem but tie the whole story together.

Week 2 July 25

This week was mainly putting our presentation pitch together and  deciding on what was changing and needed more research. We decided to look at visual comedy and explore how we can apply this to the talent. We will try to film each scene completely different and see what works. We will also explore more improvisational acting. We have our production schedule ready and are filming an episode on Sunday and Tuesday. We  rented out a tripod and an external microphone to attach to my camera. Hopefully, we won’t have too much trouble with sound. We are a bit nervous about filming one scene as it’s supposed to take place in a grocery store but we are going to try filming at the Queen victoria market instead and just ask permission of the owners stand. At the moment we have two days to film one episode lets hope this will be enough time and give us an idea for time scheduling next time.

Week 3

Plenty to reflect on this week. We filmed our first episode and edited a rough cut. In total it was a long exhausting process. The problem was we were limited and restricted with help. Each day that we had planned for someone to come something came up. As producers  Ekaterina and I had to make quick decisions. For example, my friend who was supposed to play a character in the episode couldn’t make it to our shoot so we cut her out completely. Also one of our producers was sick and we had to ask a fellow classmate to fill in last minute.  If this was a paid production i believe there would be less complications as it would be paid work and we wouldn’t be relying on  favours.

This brings up the idea that not having funding gives you more creative freedom. If someone was funding the project you usually have to follow their vision. I still have spent money making this. Which is why i want to focus on having a realistic budget that I can afford. I have already spent 60 dollars on random supplies and props. I would like to spend no more than 100 dollars so I will try my best to pull in favours but offer them something in return like credit in the film and a copy of project.

As far as the equipment we just ditched the idea of a tripod as the shots are so random and quick it takes too long setting it up each and every time. This would be a problem if the footage is shaky but its not at all. Ekaterina has a still hand. We will have to work on focusing better because there are shots out of focus. We used a rode mic for the second shoot day and it picked up the lines much clearer. The rode mic we rented from RMIT picks up sound much clearer. I think its safe to say we solved our sound issue.

I would also like to talk about working with others and the creative differences that can clash sometimes. Ekaterina and I had different visions. She wanted to completely film physical comedy no lines to tell the story. My vision was a video rich in lines. So we tried and filmed both and came up with a great sequence of both. We used improvision with fellow classmate Alexander and it worked so well. Although Alexander has his own web series I love how we all help each other out. Alexander really made this episode and I’m grateful for him.And I will return the favour in helping with his web series. I do think the moods and emotions have followed to flow theory and I will continue to chart our emotions as time goes on. So far

I think the  moods and emotions have followed to flow theory and I will continue to chart our emotions as time goes on. So far Ekatetrina and I have both been panicked and were so nervous we couldn’t sleep. Then we became  very excited and had hope. It should be very  interesting how to rest how the rest of the project unfolds emotion wise.

I think the hardest part of this week was editing. Editing clips in a comedic way is tricky. Especially since there is no written theories or literature on the subject. It’s about just seeing what works. We will definitely be making a lot of changes to this first rough cut but so far our test audience laughed which is our first priority.

Week 4

This week mainly consisted of editing last week’s episode after we got some feedback. There are some very blurry shots because we aren’t used to my camera and can’t seem to get focusing right. So we weren’t able to use those and cut them. We got similar feedback from Vikrant and Leo about the ending of the Vegan episode not being clear. So we played around and tried different shots to capture the mood. We also had to tackle graphics to cover the KFC logo in one of the shots. I also did some producer work and organised to use the green screen in a few weeks time. With absolutely no experience using the green screen this will be a challenge for sure. Ekaterina, Isabel and I will try to recruit some experienced people who can help us with lighting on the green screen shoot. The tricky part will be the editing design.

I also did some producer work and organised to use the green screen in a few weeks time. With absolutely no experience using the green screen this will be a challenge for sure. Ekaterina, Isabel and I will try to recruit some experienced people who can help us with lighting on the green screen shoot. The tricky part will be the editing design as im not sure what graphics we will be using in the background. The episode using the green screen will be a rap song about Donalds Trump i rewrote the Black Eye Pea song “Humps”. I thought this idea was so clever and could believe  no one has used this idea before. A classmate actually found a music video doing exactly my idea. Obviously, the lyrics aren’t exactly the same but it’s using the same tune and parody idea. I even have journal entries pitching this idea months ago. This brings up if trademarking a creative idea is the way to go? We will still make the song but I don’t want any issues with the other media maker saying I stole it. He will probably never see it anyway unless it goes viral. This also brings up copyright issues of using the Black Eyed peas song without permission. I think it will be fine as the internet is full of remixable media and sharing.

Ekaterina and I also did a day of shooting. We filmed an episode about the Attention Whore trying to find Pokemon. This wasn’t even an original episode idea but since we were stressing about how we would pull off an episode involving a steam bath Ekaterina suggested to change it completely. Pokemon Go is the biggest craze and trend at the moment so it was perfect.

We were fortunate to bring in some help for this shoot since Ekaterina was acting in this episode. Ekaterina’s boyfriend Alonso has a lot of experience with directing and filming. He showed us how to use my cameras and get the focus right. He also had some great directing techniques, for example there was one scene of Ekaterina and I talking at a table, instead of doing a wide shot we filmed it twice with a close up of each of us. This will make it look better going back and forth between dialogue. I think it’s important not to be afraid to ask for outside help because there are just the three of us and none of us are experts at the technical side. Plus having Alonso help was a great learning experience.




Week 5

This week I had to again think quickly on my feet as a producer. We were supposed to film the test of the Pokemon Go episode on Tuesday. Ekaterina was deathly sick but was still planning on coming. I insisted she stay home and rest as she would just make herself worse. I called a friend who is in a film and screen taft course to help film the remaining shots. We went to the state library to film some improv. We were warned by a fellow classmate  to be careful as he was kicked out for filming in the state library before. This didn’t bother me and we just did it. I think a lot of producers are even more ruthless when it comes to making great television and will also bend and break rules. Technically you don’t need permission to film in the city of Melbourne if it’s just one person behind the camera.  I’m very glad we did because we got my favourite improv scene so far. I just went up to some teenagers without warning and started talking to them about Pokemon. They played along so well. This is my favourite way to improv I think you get a better reaction from people without warning them before what you are doing. After filming, we got their permission to use the footage  for the web series. I am a bit concerned because they told me they were 18 and I got their names and permission on camera but they could have very well been underage. This brings up the question of parents permission before putting someone under 18 on a production? I’m not quite sure the rules but plenty of kids have their own iphones and broadcast themselves daily online without asking their parents. If this was for a television show for a big network I probably would have done some more investigating but since it’s for a small web series and I have their permission I know it will be fine.

I also want to reflect back on my camera which is a Nikon D 3300 it is a pretty advanced camera with some very technical settings. I actually got in a argument with my friend helping film. She wanted to take time and play around on the manual settings and try to figure it out for each shots. I insisted on leaving it on automatic  focus wide shot as it was the safest bet and we did not have time to adjust each setting. I’m very glad she finally listened to me because the automatic wide shots worked the best especially with in improv when you are not sure exactly what will happen. The shots she took when experimenting with manual where blurry and out of focus. I think the focus and camera problem has been an issue from the beginning of the web series but after this week I realised when in doubt film on automatic. There was one scene, in particular we could not mess up as we could only do it once. This was me running into the pool. Thankfully we finally agreed to just do a wide shot in automatic as the shot came out perfect.

Overall it was a successful week of filming which I enjoy the most. I am not looking forward to long hours of editing ahead.

Week 6

This week Ekaterina, Isabel and I faced our biggest fear as producers, using the green screen. We visioned to use a green screen for our Donald Trump rap and put random images in the background such as an American flag. Since we had no idea or experience doing do but thought we could just figure it out. I’m happy and confident to say we succeeded with flying colors! We got very lucky using the RMIT studios and had such wonderful help from the techs Brian and James. Who patiently helped us set up the lighting for our first take with a red, white and blue background. I cannot believe how long it took to achieve this look by an experienced professional. I was also amazed there was a computer system to control the lights. I assumed colored gels were used on the studio lights. This really shows how inexperienced I am when it still comes to the technical aspect such as lighting but at least I’m learning.

We were also very lucky to have the talented  cinematographer Ahmed from class. Seeing his previous work from last semester I really am amazed by his work. He did some really cool shots I can’t wait to use. He also was controlling the green screen shots in a comical way by moving my image across the shot very fast while I made funny faces. I learnt while using the green screen it’s important to stay imn the same spot or the lighting will go out of whack. The camera person is supposed to move your image for you.

The studio tech James was able to help us put the exact background image we wanted immediately. This is going to really help us cut down the editing as we have the exact image we wanted.

I seriously could not have asked for a smoother production for that shoot. I learnt that as producer your job isn’t to be able to do everything but organize people who can, and that we did!

AWD trump


Week 7

This week was very successful when it came to editing our Pokemon episode. Since I could not make it due to prior arrangements Ekaterina started on the rough cut. When I came 3 came hours later she had the perfect rough cut and we had the final touches to make it the perfect episode a few hours later. Last time we started it took  5 hours to get a rough cut with so many changes and ended up taking a total of 10 hours to get the perfect minute. I’ve come to the realization that when Ekaterina and I sit there together it takes longer because we argue a lot when we start. I was so impressed with the first rough cut I trust Ekaterina completely with the vision.  People have different editing styles and it may take more time and arguing putting them together verse editing separately. We will start to take turns editing for the next few episodes.  Having the music already made really help tie together and we are confident this will work as a final episode! Again I’m so grateful to have the perfect original tunes for this series. I just looked up for the prices for original music for web series and it can cost up to 500 per 2 minutes! That would have added to 2000 which as students we can’t afford.


I had the amazing experience  working on fellow classmates project “Winter” the visual series. I got to play the part of Emmi, A girl who cheats on her girlfriend. As an actress it was my most proud and challenging role. I had to do a sex scene and act sensual with a girl! Also it was my most professional role as an actress to date with all crew and roles. They had actual shot list with several shots per scene with different takes and used a real clapper. Overall it took a whole day 11-9 to film all the shots for our particular story which will probably total to 5 minutes. I know this is a standard day in the industry. The sex scene with Alex was really awkward because we had to dry hump with all these people watching. We didn’t really discuss what to do before and sort of just went for it. I improvised a bit which inspire the director Aaron to use specific shots like my nails going down his back. After that was shot Ekaterina asked I wonder if actors just actually have sex in movies as it would look more real. I did some research and here’s a list of 12 movies where the actors actually had sex on screen.

Im excited to see how this project comes out and it was so interesting to see how different they do things from our web series. Which has inspired us to try a shot list for our next episode.

Week 8

Big week as we edited two episodes and filmed our final! Editing the Donald Trump episode there was conflict because Ekaterina wasn’t happy with the song. We tried our best to fix it in post but just couldn’t get it right. This is an important episode because I believe it has the most potential to spread and get the most views out of the series. The problem is I made the song a month ago and sent it to both Ekaterina and Isabel. Neither listened to it until the day we filmed. Since I had to lip sync what we had it was hard to change it. She decided to tell me while we were editing it was bad. I was very upset because we could have saved alot of time and effort if they had listened and approved it a month ago. We tried to our best to fix in Adobe premiere but it still isnt quite right. Thankfully our composer is willing to have a look and we are praying it can be fixed. Another issue with the Trump episode was we had 3 different shots and different backrounds. I had to vision to switch it all around but Ekaterina thought it would be best to have to same. The problem is you ant justify is somthing is bad with art. It’s not factual and more of an opinion. Somthing someone loves someone else may think its horrible.

I also edited an episode on my complete own! It was much more peaceful doing it by myself. This was the first bit of footage I filmed in Europe. The problem was it was very random and didnt tell a story. I was able to cut it and use a select bit to tell the story of the Attention Whore fed up with Western Boys so she decides to go to Europe to find a Italian Stallion which is a metaphor for a big Penis. She finally finds a bunch of penises in the form of staues in Pompei! I was surprised that Ekaterina was pleased with the episode and didnt suggest to change it.

Sunday we filmed our final episode. This episode idea was a last minute idea we original were going to use Europe footage for a second episode but Ekaterina felt there wasnt enough to tell a funny story. We decided to go with a big butts theme since big butts are in and all over the media. I let Ekaterina completly take creative freedom writing the episode. I’m very pleased with the funny ideas she came up with. We even had a shot list. However this wouldn’t be Attention Whore Diaries without somthing going wrong. I had a girl on Facebook admiring all my media projects and begged me to give her a part in the script. I thought she would fit this episode perfectly as the Attention Whore’s rival. Sure enough after giving her weeks of notice and reminding her the night before she didnt show. Again Maria saved the day and played her part. I’m very happy with the footage and cannot wait to see the results.



Week 9

Back to class this week so we were able to show our work. Happy to say there were no major suggestions in terms of changes from Leo or Vikrant. We also decided that instead of waiting to upload in October its a good time to upload now. Especially our Pokemon Go episode. Pokemon Go was a big craze in July and the longer we wait the more it will not be relevant anymore. We uploaded the episode on YouTube and got some great feedback. Vikrant suggested we need more footage in the Vegan episode. As much as I wanted to be done with filming I agreed and was excited to get some more footage. I’m remembering this is my passion project and I really enjoy doing it, so much that I may continue making the web series after we the semester is over.

Week 10


This week was mainly editing the Donald Trump and Vegan episode. We also uploaded the Donald Trump episode. This I believe had the most potential to go viral. We put the whole youtube episode up and advertised on Facebook it didn’t take off like I hoped. I decided to cut just the beginning and intro and upload just the rap to facebook. For some reason uploading directly to Facebook seems to up the view count. So far we are at 1.2 k views of just the rap and 5 shares. Where the whole episode on YouTube only has 600 views.

I also want to reflect on some tension in our group. I’m very stressed trying to keep the peace. There were some issues as far as titles and what was fair. I want to keep everyone happy but at the moment I’m stuck in the middle. I think this is something you will always have to deal with in the workplace. I think sitting down and mediating between group members will be the best best and come up with some sort of compromise. At the moment this is the only issue in our production. We are on track and almost done. To be this is so minor to me.

My Week In Mumbai!

Day 1

While we met before the trip we were told the first week in Mumbai would be the relaxing part doing touristy things. Boy was Vikrant wrong! Our first day in Mumbai was filled packed with meeting India’s media elite.  First stop in Mumbai was a delicious Indian vegetarian lunch. Back at the hotel, we got to peek in on a shooting of Sony Max where a young girl was reviewing Bollywood films. It looked like India’s version of MTV. They eventually told us we couldn’t stay in and  watch as I believe we became a distraction. Next, we got to sit and talk to Vipin Sharma an Indian film actor who shared his struggles and successes of making it in Bollywood. We also spoke with Surrenda Hiwarale a filmmaker. Both guys had very inspiring stories and also wanted to hear all about us and what we wanted to do in our careers. We got to witness the first of many Indian weddings at our hotel.  We ended the day at a nice seafood restaurant were Surrenda and some other people we would be meeting with later in the trip joined us. Was a great first day but I think I can speak for everyone we were very jetlagged and so grateful to get some sleep.

Day 2

Our second day started with an interview with Prem Chopra, a very respected Hindi and Punjabi actor who has starred in 320 films. I felt so lucky and a little embarrassed because all these famous Bollywood actors, most people in India would kill to meet and I had no idea who they were. Melissa my fellow classmate did her research and asked some very relevant questions and was a great interviewer. I asked if Prem would quickly be in my India parody for YouTube. He seemed confused and not interested so I left it at that. Vikrant finished with another amazing interview and we ended with pictures. Prem seemed to really want to get the interview over and done with I didn’t think it was rude just maybe typical of famous people or he was just older and impatient. It was still so interesting to go into her own home and see how a Bollywood legend lived. He lived in an apartment which was considered a really nice place for Mumbai. He had servants in the house cooking and cleaning which I later found out what was typical of the higher class system. This also gave an opportunity for people in the lower caste system to earn money for their family and get food and a roof over their head.



Next we visited India Gate and did some shopping. My favourite part of the India gate was getting swarmed for photos, I felt like a celebrity. I would later get tired of it but  gave me a taste of what Leonardo Dicaprio must go through anytime he steps out in public. Vikrant said he sees where these people are coming from as they are from small villages and have never seen a western person in their life. We walked to a street market nearby to do some shopping. I was glad to have Kushal, Vikrant and Prachi there who we always used as advisors when shopping so we didn’t get ripped off as tourists. I actually learned some amazing techniques when shopping in India and pride myself at becoming the queen of bargaining. My best tip to walk away if they don’t want to give you the price you want to pay and they will almost always give in.


After the touristy things I was so tired and ready for bed but Vikrant had arranged another meeting with a director. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit this was the last thing I wanted to do but I’m so grateful we went. We went to Vivek Agnihorti’s apartment a Bollywood producer and screenwriter. He told us to never step creating whether  it be on our iPhone or 1000 dollar camera.  I felt so inspired! And they also fed us delicious cucumber sandwiches. It was a busy but great day!

Day 3

This day started with the brave Olivia taking us to a walk to a Hindi Temple walkable from our hotel. I learned a lot about my classmate Olivia that trip which was she is fearless and loves adventure! It was so refreshing to travel with her.  I was very cautious about going anywhere by myself but Olivia who has already been led the  way. It was a beautiful temple where we met with a guy who told us all about the Hindi gods. There was even a cow out front. Our next destination would be a treat indeed! We took a long car ride to the country were we got to go on the set of India’s longest running show CID. We were treated to a home made Indian lunch then got to watch part of the live shoot and ask questions. All my Indian friends back home were very familiar with the actors and jealous of my experience. Behind the set was an isolated Indian beach where some of the photography students snuck away to take photos of the locals playing cricket. It was a very cool experience to see. They were high fiving all the children. As much as I loved the media part seeing the locals in the natural habitat really connected me with the Indian culture. They love their cricket!

indian lunchCID


Later Dani, Prachi and I took a tuk-tuk to a night market where we braved the street food! It was delicious!. We had Vada Pav, samosas and Pan. I loved it all except the pan! I later would crave and miss Indian street food once I got back to Australia. We walked along the beach where Dani and I were again were swarmed for pictures. I loved the attention but Prachi acted like our body guard and told them no! By the end of the day, my neck was killing me. I asked Prachi where I could get a quick neck massage and she brought me to a random shack where they cut hair she said he would do it for me. It was only like 70 rupees  which is less about 1.50 Australian and best neck massage I’ve ever had.


dahi puriindia massagedani


Day 4

The media students luckily got to sleep in while the photography students went to habitat for humanity. We woke up and watched a movie called “Filmistan”,  because we were getting to meet the producer and one of the actors later, and needed to be prepared to review and ask questions.  I was very impressed with the movie it was about two guys from enemy countries India and Pakistan who bond over their love of Bollywood film while being kidnapped.

After the movie we went to a fancy mall. Us girls felt we could go to any mall in Australia so we snuck off and took an auto to another authentic street marker where we bought scarfs, jewellery, ate sharma and played with the local street children. The only problem was we were late meeting Vikrant who wasn’t happy as we had an appointment but I thought we were ok considering we were following Indian time.

india babbby


We got to meet with acting coach and producer of “Filmistan” Ashok Purang. He had a very colourful personality and it was a pleasure to take his acting workshop. We got to even watch his students perform monologues, although they were in Hindi they were so powerful! “Filmistan” actor  Innaamulhaq joined us and unlike a lot of actors he was so humble and down to earth. His acting journey story was very inspirational. He came to Mumbai with very little money in his pocket and he has a successful career writing children’s television and acting. Before we left  I really wanted to show off my acting skills and I performed a monologue that most Indian people would probably find bizarre but everyone encouraged me and laughed. It was an amazing day collaborating with these talented people who share the same passion.

acting workshop

Day 5

This was probably my favourite day and least favourite day at the same time. The day was packed with activities. First I got to interview Australian turned Bollywood actress Palavi Sharda. She was so well spoken and educated I actually felt intimated by her use of big words.  She definitely had plenty of pros and cons of working in Bollywood compared to working in Australian film.

pallavipallavi group


We then got to take a Bollywood dance workshop with Bollywood choreographer Longinus Fernandes, who worked on Slum Dog millionaire and was the choreographer for So you think you can dance Canada. We perfected 3 different dances! He was very encouraging and we all felt ready to star in a Bollywood  item number.

Dance Workshop

Afterwards, Vikrant asked Danni, Melissa and I to join him to meet Bollywood goddess Zarine Khan. This time, we met her at the agency’s office, It was fascinating to see how Bollywood agents were, in this case, he was very arrogant. We were cut short of  our interview because of a business deal with Zarine that fell through. I loved talking to Zarine. I felt like I was just chatting with a girlfriend. She opened up to me about getting discovered, body shaming, having a flop film and doing sex scenes. My dream job is being a celebrity reporter and I definitely got a good start interviewing all these famous Bollywood stars in India. Next we went to YRF studios. Apparently this was a huge deal.  It definetly was a big professional studio where we went through the security check. We got a quick meeting with Vishal Dadlani who is a very famous music producer and musician in Bollywood. Unfortunately we weren’t allowed to film our interview with him but he did have inspiring things to say that I would hold on to forever. Especially fellow classmate Melissa is a musician and asked where he got inspiration from. Vishal had a rock star aura about him for sure but the meeting with famous Bollywood stars didn’t end there.

zarineyrf studiosblog use

Zarine Khan and Pallavi Sharda Interview

Next, we went to Comedy Night. A live sketch comedy show where we sat in the audience. The only problem was I started to feel deathly sick. I had to walk out of the filming and lay on a bench outside. One of my biggest fears in India  happened I got the Delhi belly! The ironic part was it was from a food chain San Churro not street food. I was happy to get my electrolytes and medicine and go to bed. Except I was up half the night vomiting. I’m thankful for my roommate Danni who really mothered me back to health.

Day 6

Unfortunately my last day was in bed. I missed out on a meeting with Bollywood actor Anupam Kher but heard it was an inspirational meeting and he had a positive philosophy on life. I was lucky to get a signed copy of his book “The best thing about you is you!” which I still have yet to read. I also missed a trip to the India gate but I really needed my rest as we had to travel to Delhi the next day. I loved my time in Mumbai which was different from Delhi.  I got so much footage for the parody video I wanted to make and was happy to have encouraging peers who were always eager to film in any random situation even if I was embarrassing. Mumbai was more Bollywood based and Delhi was collaborating with Indian Students. We had the best of both worlds this trip.


Personal Choice- Character Development

I want to develop my main character for my web series “Diaries of an Attention Whore”. I was suggested to think more about who my character is and do deeper research. I will fill out a character profile to get a deeper understanding of my protagonist Kate AKA Espionage. Ultimately I cannot think of an existing character she is like as she is a unique character. I can say she is like Miley Cyrus as she is very daring and does questionable things for attention. She is going to have plenty of lovers and haters.

Physical Details

Kate is very slightly above average in the looks department but has always had very low self-esteem. She has dyed bleach blonde hair, grey eyes, tall, naturally busty and fit. She used to be a very overweight child and was always dubbed the fat funny friend. She has a naturally nasally loud voice but will change it depending on her mood. She piles on loads of makeup although not very good at applying it. She mainly dresses provoked  in loud bright colors and leopard print, though her style changes with what trend she is following each episode.

Phyisical Enviroment

Born and raised to a wealthy family in Miami Florida. Kate was addicted to physical change. She went to 6 different high schools and 4 different Universities. She studied abroad in Melbourne Australia where she has decided this place suited her best. She also loved the attention she got being American. Melbourne has everything for her seasons, cafes, and a melting pot of people. She doesn’t work as she can’t keep a job but is committed to working out every day so spends a lot of time in the gym. She spends an equal amount of time in the bars partying and having promiscuous sex with strangers.

Other Characters

Her mother Dawn is her best friend although she lives in different country Espionage talks to her every day. They have been told they have a very unhealthy co-dependancy on each other. Dawn has always been a push over and caters to Kate’s unhealthy obsessions and addictions. Her best friend is Mary. Mary is opposite to Kate. She is quiet and dresses in plain clothes. Kate brings Mary out of her shell. Even though she sometimes bullies her Mary never felt noticed until this loud crazy American girl came into her life.

Virtues and Vices

One of Kates biggest weakness is she has no filter and says whatever is on her mind. Which  can bring both humor or discomfort to those around her? She is also very sensitive and wears her heart on her sleeve and cries at the drop of a hat. She also has a very addictive personality. Her main addictions are food, alcohol and attention. Her biggest strength is her bravery. She is never afraid to hold back from what she wants even though what she wants changes each episode. She also has a big heart and always sticks up for the underdog.


Audience Analysis

Why are you creating this story? Goals, rationale, purpose, premise? What do you want your audience to experience or understand?

I’m creating “Diaries of an Attention Whore” because this idea has been sitting in the back of my head for years. I think everyone knows that one girl who loves attention and will do anything for it.  “Diaries of an Attention Whore” will chronicle a girl who goals through the extremes for attention and puts herself in cringeworthy but hysterical situations. I myself have been dubbed and Attention Whore so this series will be loosely based on myself but I believe the audience will be able to relate one way or another. My goal ultimately is to make people laugh and want to share my series.

What is your story? In what way will it be original, surprising, human, passionate, truthful or relevant to your audience?

My story will be a girl who is trying to find herself in a very  comedic way. She is lost and craves attention so she decides to do crazy things like become a Vegan and try to break the internet. My audience will be able to relate because everyone has been young once and not known their way. It will be original because each episode will be relevant with the times like the upcoming US election. Maybe the character will decide to vote for Donald Trump. This will be a silly parody so my idea is to take the audience away for a few minutes for a good laugh.

Where will you publish your story? What platform/s and hardware are suited to your audience? E-books, blogs, videos, photos, podcasts, tweets, status updates, apps, games, forums, websites?

This series will be made for YouTube since is the best platform in to share videos and gain an audience. Anyone can find my videos when searching the appropriate tags on YouTube such as Attention Whore, Comedy, and WebSeries. Lots of people and their web series have been discovered on YouTube like Justin Bieber. Once we get the video on YouTube we will try to share it on every other social media platform such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Snap Chat. Forums are very important too. Reddit an entertainment, social news networking service where members can submit content will be the main forum I post  on.

Who is your audience? Who is your target viewer/user – i.e. the group you will target in promoting the work?

My target audience is female from teenaged to 30s of Western culture. They will relate mostly to the character. I think this can relate to men as well because there are guys who have all known an Attention Whore.

When will you create the content and start to engage your audience? What is the production process and publishing schedule?

I am already creating content by writing scripts and putting together my team. I want to shot the intro as soon as the semester ends in June. I’m also filming in Europe in June. I want to put an episode out as soon as possible to get people excited and ready!  I’m going to give three weeks per episode next semester so we will have plenty of time to produce 5 by the end of the semester. The only problem I need to work out is if we upload them all at once or weekly because if we do it weekly we need our content ready to go.

How will your audience participate in the narrative? Will they be able to contribute to the narrative, alter the narrative, respond to the narrative?

The audience will be able to respond to the narrative because they can leave comments on YouTube. I am also going to make social media pages for the attention whore character so she can engage with her audience in character. I may make a Q&A video where we ask fans to leave questions and the Attention Whore will answer the questions in a video.

Digital Narrative Outline 2

Comedic Web Series

We all know that one obnoxious, loud, annoying girl who craves attention and will do anything for it, AKA an “Attention Whore”. I myself have been dubbed an attention whore and even diagnosed by friends as having Histrionic Personality Disorder which is characterized by a long-standing pattern of attention seeking behavior and extreme emotionality. I think as I’ve gotten older I have thankfully down out of this stage. I  have always wanted to make a comedy series about so-called attention whore and call it “Diaries of an Attention Whore”. Diaries of an attention whore will follow a 20 something-year-old girl go through different situations in an extreme attention whore way. I can see the audience laughing but also cringing which makes for A plus entertainment.


Since studies prove that people have a smaller attention span when they watch content online, each episode will only be 2 to 5 minutes long. I think YouTube will be the perfect platform for the series. Each episode will have a different theme without having to see the episode before. Some ideas I have for the episodes will be Attention Whore goes Vegan, Attention whore tries to break the internet, Attention whore tries Tinder and Attention whore in France. I will try to stay relevant and write episodes according to what’s happening in the world. One episode can be about up coming American election and the attention whore’s view on politics. Another option is to make the episode’s in a branching style where you can choose what the attention whore will do next.


I think anyone could watch this web series have a great laugh. Old, Young, Black, White, Gay or Straight, like I said earlier everyone knows, at least, one attention whore. However the most popular audience will be females in their teens to 20s as they will be able to relate the character the most. I wouldn’t mind getting the audience involved by asking them for episode requests. What would they like to see the attention whore do? I think similar shows would be television shows like “Two broke Girls”, “Don’t trust the B in apartment 23”  and “Girls”, pretty much any female comedy show. I could post a teaser or actual episode on those fan pages to bring in an audience.


What I love about this idea is it’s definitely doable as students. We will need some great scripts, actors, videographer and editor. I don’t believe we will actually need to spend any money to make this. I will be acting as the main attention whore character and doing most of the writing. I will try to get acting students from RMIT to work for free  who can use it in their portfolio. If we need to film in a specific place,  I will ask for permission and hopefully get a yes since we are students and it will  help further our education. I could probably make this with only one other person but the more the better. My talent mainly is in being creative so it would be ideal to work with others who have up to date technical skills to make this the best it can be.

Digital Narrative Outline

Backpackers Reality show

So many young people from around the world come to Melbourne to travel. Most choose to stay in hostels, which mainly involves partying and hooking up. What if there was a reality show documenting the lives of some of these hostel bound internationals? It would be like MTV’s real world but with a melting pot of different cultures. It would show the struggle of adjusting to new cultures, finding work in Melbourne and the romance and heart breaks that follow. Some people end up staying in a hostel for a year, whereas others just stay the night. I want to focus on three backpackers and the hostel owner. Each character will be eccentric and unique, and from a different country. Even though it will be a reality show, it will loosely follow a script that puts the characters in different situations, and the audience can vote for what challenges the backpackers will face.


I want the episodes to be a maximum of twenty minutes. In the first episode, we will meet the three selected backpackers and the hostel owner. The characters will introduce themselves and their story, and why they chose to travel to Melbourne. We will ask what their hopes and dreams are, and what they hope to get out of their travels here. We will interview the hostel owner to understand why he opened up a Backpackers hostel, and what he personally achieves from it. The three characters will meet at the hostel followed by welcome drinks. The alcohol will hopefully lead to chaos, which usually makes great ratings. The following episodes will show characters adjusting to Melbourne, and the next episode will show the characters looking for jobs. Another episode can involve a trip to ‘The Great Ocean Road’ or some other attraction. Ideas for more episodes will unfold once we get to know the characters, and what the audience wants to see.


This show will mainly appeal to teenagers of multiple nationalities. I want to advertise the show on various social media fan pages, next to other similar reality shows, to bring in the audience. To get the audience involved, we will post suggestions on what they want to see directly in the comments of YouTube, which will be the digital platform for the show. We will also set up live Q&A questions with the characters and the audience directly on Facebook. The audience will also be able to follow the characters on Snap Chat, which will allow viewers to watch live stories and view pictures of their favourite character.


The most vital piece to make this project a reality is a willing hostel owner that would agree to participate on the show. We can start by pitching the idea to every hostel in Melbourne, which would provide free advertising to promote the hostel. The next objective would be to find some backpackers who would be willing to be on the show, which would include free rent in the hostel. Once we have the cast sorted, we would then require a committed team. Finally, we would require a cameraman, producer, and an editor, that could commit to at least two days per week for a few months, or at least until we have enough content recorded for at least six episodes.

Analyse a Digital Narrative

Story Elements

Events This is a spoof tutorial on how to be good looking. The events unfold chronologically in steps. Step one is to take a shower where you then see the character freshly showered. Next she tells you how to do your makeup by breaking it down into steps such as face, eye shadow, lashes and lipstick, until she finally shows her whole exaggerated makeup look. Next she tells you it’s time to abuse her hair, and it fast forwards with her hair finished saying ‘that was not good for it’. The girl then tells you what not to do in public, demonstrating embarrassing dance moves and giggling awkwardly. Lastly, she tells you to get a degrading job like dancing in your underwear. She closes the video with words of wisdom on what it takes to be good looking.

Characters The only character is the girl giving the tutorial on how to be good looking.

Time The events unfold in the present but the character has already done some steps beforehand, which would be in the past.

Place The events take place in the characters home. You don’t see much of the scenery, as it is very simple and gives the non-intimidating feel that anyone can achieve being good looking from their own home.

Narrative Elements

Ordering The events are in chronological order from the start to the end. The character tells you what step to do then flashes forward with the same step already completed.

Pace It is in real-time but also sped-up to go to each event quicker.

Focalization It is in a first-person point of view because the narrator is also participating in the action of the story. The point of view stays in the present. The narrator doesn’t change her opinion but does give the audience hope if they feel they are ugly.

Narrator The narrator is considered first person because she is a character in the story telling the events. The narrator would be omniscient because it is clear she knows all of what is about to  unfold, because she is teaching. I would say the narrator is unreliable because she doesn’t seem very accurate or credible in her teachings. The narrator is explicit because she is upfront with telling the audience her characteristics, for example that ‘she is ugly and blind as a bat’.

Text This is a video tutorial on YouTube.

Tradition Narrative Features

Linearity This would be a linear narrative because it goes from start to finish and doesn’t skip to different events.

Series of conflicts The conflict is your ugly, blind, an albino, etc. The narrator takes the appropriate steps to make herself good-looking, which leads to the climax that she looks like a complete different person. The resolution is she still is ugly but she is like an optical illusion.

Protagonist and Antagonist The protagonist is also the narrator who is a self proclaimed ‘ugly’ girl, who shows the audience how she makes herself good-looking. Although there aren’t any other characters, I believe the antagonist could be a bully from her past who made her feel ugly.

Three act structure This narrative follows the three act structure easily. The first act is the ugly girl seeming hopeless. The second act is the steps she takes to be good-looking. The third act is the narrator completely transformed into a ‘good-looking’ girl.

Hero’s Journey There are a few steps in the hero’s journey this two minute and thirty-seven second video follows. The story starts with the hero’s ordinary world, which is the girl portrayed as ugly and basic. She then meets with the mentor, which is actually her own-self giving advice on how to be better looking. The ordeal would be the narrator taking the steps to improve herself visually. The reward would be her looking better due to the steps she has taken during the ordeal.

Digital Narrative Features

Numerical Coding This would involve numerical coding as its on the YouTube platform. This is not something the publisher would have to do but the people at YouTube instead.

Modularity This digital piece could be broken into modules because of all the features on YouTube. Besides the actual video, there is a play button, a stop button, and a rewind button. There is also a description of the video, and there are comments and likes, and how many times the video is viewed. There is also an area to show similar videos, and an area for tagged words a viewer can type to find this particular piece of media.

Variability The features don’t differ too much on YouTube, as they all relate in the video sharing platform.

Programmed Elements Music and Views are automatically programmed into the media.

Participary Elements The section where viewers can rate and comment on the video, and also share it to various social media platforms.

Online Video Awards Internship

My Experience

I signed up to do a short internship with Open Channel to participate in the Online Video awards, an award showcase honouring Australian video makers on the Internet. As an intern, I had to do a lot of research prior to the awards ceremony. One of the first tasks I received required me to find the email addresses of the producer, director or production company, for over ten different music videos.
I pretty much panicked here. How am I going to find these email addresses? I started researching on social media and found every email address within a few hours. Open Channel were very impressed and I was proud that I was able to achieve this. I did a lot of other research also, such as adding up the total amount of views of every YouTube video submitted. I also did some of my own work which wasn’t asked of me, such as ensuring everyone I knew who made an online video, to apply for an award. My cousin applied and was nominated for best animation. Also, my housemate who has a comedy duo called ‘Dash and D’bree’ presented on the night of the ceremony.
Prior to the awards ceremony, Open Channel decided they would like to increase the audience size, so I therefore tried to give away 20 free tickets. I went on various groups online to give away these tickets, such as the ‘RMITV’ and ‘Masters of Media’ groups.
The awards ceremony was a great success. Over 130 people attended the event. I was busy checking guests in, making sure they had their name tags and free drink passes. During the award presentations, I made sure all the winners immediately got their photo taken. Even though I was technically working, it didn’t feel like it at all. It was such an exciting and marvellous event. The positive energy could be felt throughout the room. I was star-struck by all the talent there and I’m so proud I was a part of it.
After my experience working with Open Channel, I would love to work for them again, and an Internship is definitely the best way to go about it.
Finding an Internship was one of the main goals in my learning contract, and I feel lucky to have had this opportunity with the ‘Online Video Awards’. YouTube, and everyday people broadcasting themselves online, is something I’ve always been fascinated with. Working for the ‘Online Video Awards’ has been very inspiring and enjoyable. I am so impressed by the talent and number of views within the Australian YouTube community, which is in the billions I might add. I also discovered some new favourite YouTube channels such as ‘The Katering Show’ and ‘Mychonny’. This experience has struck the creative core in me. I want to write, produce and star in my own web series online. This is my goal for my final project of my Master of Media course.

The Katering Show

Online Video Awards Website

Photos from the OVAs

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